Kaya Shisha, one of the recommended brands for cachimba catering

We wanted to write a post, both for our private users, as well as for professionals in the hospitality sector, and what better opportunity to talk and tell you why we usually find Kaya Shisha branded puppies in cocktail shops that offer catering of pots to their customers.

Well, talking about Kaya Shisha is simple, especially when we refer to the models SPN 480, SPN 630 and SPNX 630, because everything are advantages: they pull wonder.

They have a very attractive design, their hose is silicone, there is a wide variety of colors, they are one of the best-selling models… But in particular, for two main reasons: it is very easy to get spare parts and accessories,and enjoy an unbeatable value for money/performance .

For all this, from Zulo Shishas we dare to recommend to all professionals who are engaged in the sector of cachimba and hookah for hospitality, any of these models of the famous brand Kaya Shisha.

Kaya Shisha for cocktail and catering venues

You already know some of the reasons why shisha catering companies often offer their customers the Kaya Shisha brand, in entertainment venues.

But, it’s not there. Another of the important aspects offered by the German brand that manufactures these hookahs is the constant innovation and is committed to improving the quality and variety in its models.Anyway, you’ll find more modern designs, others more traditional, but always, with the latest trends.

Let’s get to know the Kaya Shisha pots a little better

Kaya Shisha offers models so we don’t get bored at any time. From the Q7 models, which you can buy for less than 34.99 euros; PNX 660, from 89.99 euros; and reaching specific chimps such as the Elox 630 La Coppa Scepter, for 189.99 euros, we can choose the one that best suits our own needs.