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Selenium integrated development environment, acronym as Selenium IDE is an automated testing tool that is released as a Firefox plug-in. It is one of the simplest and easiest tools to install, learn and to go ahead with the creation of test scripts. The tool is laid on a record and playback fundamental and also allows editing of the recorded scripts.

The most impressive aspect of using selenium IDE is that the user is not required to possess any prior programming knowledge. The minimum that the user needs is the little acquaintances with HTML, DOMS and JavaScript to create numerous test scripts using this tool.

Being a Firefox plug-in, Selenium IDE supports only Firefox, thus the created test scripts could be executed only on Firefox. A few more loopholes make this tool inappropriate to be used for complex test scripts. Thus, other tools like Selenium RC, WebDriver comes into the picture.

So, before gripping on to the details of Selenium IDE, let’s have a look at its installation first.

Selenium IDE Download and Installation

For the ease of understanding, I have bifurcated the entire IDE installation process in the following chunks/steps.

Before taking off, there is one thing that needs to be in place prior to the installation; Mozilla Firefox. You can download it from here => bagas31 software

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