Best Pc Game DAEMON X MACHINA REVIEW Daemon X Machina, a third-person mech-blaster, tells the story of a planet emerging from a major catastrophe. The moon has smashed into the earth and the ensuing disaster has released a mysterious force that not only transforms all intelligent artificial intelligence, but also forces it against the human race. As chance would have it, this exposure has also made a number of people, like your own, more competent. You decide to offer your services to help eliminate the ever-growing threat of AI robots through the tried and tested method of battling them in big mechs. COIN MASTER 2020

You find yourself in your hub region, where you take on missions and configure your mech after developing your unnamed mercenary in a passable suite of creations. You have to watch a cutscene on joining a task in which other mercenaries explore the plot with each other. The plot is one of the main problems with the game, especially in the early stages, where virtually every new mission introduces a

There are more than 30 other mercenaries in all, and as you’re exposed to them all you’re supposed to recall them and their special personality traits as they pop up ten missions down the line once again. Admittedly, not every merc is as important to the overall story — and the more popular ones are brought to the fore as the game progresses in ocean of games — but there’s a heck of many names and faces to get acquainted early on.

Fortunately it’s the battle that matters and Daemon X Machina plays an excitingmech’em up in that way. The legacy is completely unmistakable. Kenichiro Tsukuda created it, who also developed the Armored Core series. Mech designs are done by Shoji Kawamori, who since its creation in the early 1980s has produced the mechs in the Macross series.

Daemon X Machina is open enough to cater to those with no prior mech-games experience. It takes one or two tasks to get used to operating your tank, but it quickly clicks: moving is turned on and off with the hop button taps, the triggers manage the various weapons, the D-pad helps you to change specific firearms on the move.